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School trip

Accommodation for the school trip to Gothenburg

  • Experience Gothenburg
  • Centrally located
  • Eco Breakfast

Will your class go to Gothenburg on school trip and look for a really good hostel? Gothenburg is a wonderful city, with lots to see, do and experience and with us you live centrally in the city and close to everything. If your school class is looking for accommodation in Gothenburg, Slottsskogens hostel is the perfect choice - especially if you are looking for something comfortable, fresh and central and suitable for everyone. Are you looking for a youth hostel for your school trip, you are welcome to us at Slottsskogens Hostel!

Youth hostel for school classes in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a great city for a school trip, with lots to do and experience. Whether your class is going to Liseberg and to enjoy or learn more about Gothenburg by experiencing any of the city's all museums, a central, comfortable and nice accommodation is important for the trip to be as good as you imagine. If your class is going to Gothenburg on a class trip, and in addition, looking for a hostel in the city that is close to everything, which is fresh, nice and inviting - then you are welcome to book a stay for your class trip at Slottsskogens Hostel.

Training camp

Stay with us when you are at training camp in Gothenburg

  • Experience Gothenburg
  • Centrally located
  • Eco Breakfast

Looking for your sports club or sports club after a centrally located, fresh and cozy hostel in Gothenburg? Whether you are on a tournament with the team or on a longer training camp, a centrally located accommodation is both convenient and practical. In Gothenburg there is a lot to see and experience, and with a central hostel and hotel you will have the opportunity to take on your free time during the training camp in one of Sweden's most beautiful and hospitable cities. At us at Slottsskogens Vandrarhem you are both central and good, and you can concentrate on the training, the competition and to experience Gothenburg from its very best side.

Hostel for training camp in Gothenburg

Is your association looking for a really good hostel in Gothenburg for the training camp? Then you are warmly welcome to us at Slottsskogens Vandrarhem, a centrally located, fresh and friendly hostel and hotel where you can really relax and feel at home. We have several room types, so that both leaders and participants can find the accommodation that suits them best. For your stay to be extra comfortable and relaxing, you can also choose to buy for breakfast, so you get a really good start to the day.

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Are you planning a wedding?

  • Large selection of rooms
  • Centrally located
  • Eco marked Breakfast

Let us make guest accommodation your least problem! With us, there are several different types of housing that suit most wallets and needs. We have a heated garage for the guests who come for their own machine and offer a large breakfast to start the day. We are usually able to arrange early access to rooms so that your guests have time to change before the wedding.

Flexible accommodation for wedding parties?

If you want to keep track of the situation and how your wedding guests live, you can make a group booking where we jointly go through which rooms suit your wishes. As a group, you have the opportunity to get the lowest possible price on the booking. If you want less work with the booking, you can instead save a number of rooms and then let the guests contact us and book in these rooms, and pay directly to us.