from sek 250

  • Single room to family room
  • some rooms have toilet & shower
  • round-the-clock guest kitchen
  • Sheets are included
Make life easy, stay in our Hostel!

As a solo traveller, you can either make it a more social visit by staying in one of our dorm rooms, or if you value your privacy, we also have the option for single rooms. We have several room types, spanning between 1 to 6 beds, with option for either shared bathrooms in the corridor or private bathroom in the room. We also offer some rooms without windows, in case you've had enough of the city, don't like sunlight, or just want to get away a little bit cheaper.

No need to dress up when you visit the dining room, be your own beautiful self.
Both of our buildings have their own guest kitchens where you can whip something up, and they're also a great place to hang out and meet new friends.
In our main building, just past the reception, you will find our cozy breakfast room, which also functions as a lounge afterwards with a pool table and some board games, and are open until late nights.
If you manage to score a day without rain, then you can also enjoy breakfast or coffee on our outdoor terrace. It is easy to meet other nice guests here, but it is of course just as okay to be on your own. 

A couple of our rooms are also equipped with a fridge and a microwave, just ask us when you make your reservation, and we will do what we can to fulfil your request!