from sek 250

  • Dormitory room to single room
  • bathroom In the corridor
  • round-the-clock guest kitchen
Smartest solution for you on your travels.

Your luggage sleeps safely and securely in a lockable drawer under the bed, so you can relax and socialize with people from all corners of the earth (If the earth is flat with corners). When you want to meet the Sandman yourself, you have a comfortable bed with pull-out curtains. If you also want to charge your smart accessories, there are electrical outlets and a power pocket on the bed wall next to you.

The kitchen is a bit of a natural meeting place. It can also make cooking more fun. (What's the name of colander in Swedish?) Or spoil yourself and choose our organic breakfast buffet.

You will find fresh bathrooms near the room and our lightning-fast fiber connection you will find wherever you are on the premises.
Most of the year we have the calendar full of activities. Do not miss to join in on bar rounds, quiz nights, kareoke or bbq. Check the calendar what's going on.